Monday, September 20, 2010

Final days of freedom

I got a call from my GP's office on Friday to tell me I was due for my yearly physical. The thing is, I was supposed to have my yearly physical back in March, but with my work schedule at the time, I was having difficulty scheduling something that also coincided with being in the middle of my cycle, which is when docs like to check for abnormal cervical cells. In short, didn't ever make the appointment, found the lump in May and the rest is recent history. I think we can all imagine the regret on that one.

So now they're trying again to get me in, knowing full well I'm going through chemo, to what? Also see if I have cancer down below, too? Are you fucking kidding me? I want to make that appointment as much as I want to go back to that dream I had last night where I was making a presentation in my full baldness and a bathing suit.

Turns out I had to go to my doc today anyhow to get a school form signed for Stella's peanut allergy. She was actually quite lovely and asked me tons about how I was doing and the meds I had been taking. It didn't make me want to come back for my physical, however, but I'll go eventually. Just let me get round five under my belt.

With three free days left and feeling 100%, my hair beginning to grow back in this very stylish baby chick fashion, and my white blood cell counts likely plummeting as I write this, I'm a bit nervous about Friday. It's the first of my four final rounds on a new cocktail. This time it's Docetaxel and Herceptin, the latter drug which is notoriously hard on a girl's heart, so I have to get a second heart scan tomorrow to establish another marker for my heart health. The initial worry with Friday's first round of this new cocktail is that I'll have an allergic reaction, so I have to begin taking a steroid a couple of days beforehand to reduce the likelihood of this.

Good fun.

In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of feeling 100% by getting back into reading about c-stuff, cooking and baking more (bought coconut oil today to experiment with some vegan recipes) and drinking a glass here and there to remember what it feels like not to have a burned out throat and mouth. Heaven.

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