Friday, February 4, 2011

Bon voyage and all that shizz

I'm finally getting my arse organized today and packing like an SOB. I've been a bit of a beast the last few days (sorry children, parents, husband, letter carrier, woman in PT Cruiser wearing knitted tam going 30 km in a 50 zone). The whole "here's your surgery date" on a silver platter thing threw me for a bit of a loop. Add into that a too-long pre-op chat with my GP, who in her usual Eastern European way managed to depress me. Sprinkle a little burned flesh into the mix and voila! Carissa at her fucking worst.

But it's one day 'til I say PS I love you and the travel bug is infecting me once again. Plane rides! Pools! Reading trashy novels! Having actual conversations with my man! All too good. And I'll enjoy the dirty pillows, too, in all their lopsided and discoloured glory before I have to go all flat-chested on y'all for a time.

I'm racing to finish Crazy Sexy Diet before I leave so I can hand it over to my Ma while I'm away. It's good. Very very good. It's like this wicked aggregation of every wellness/nutrition book I've been reading over the past seven months (hell, over the past 37 years if we're going to throw yoga and the like into the mix). It's a must buy and I'm learning tons more and making little decisions about what the 2011 me will be doing as I turn each page.

As I read it and still marvel at the loveliness of the green juice, I'm reminded every moment of my peeps who have joined the juicy revolution with me, either recently or like my splendid Ma, for several months, and are stoked at how fantastic it is to drink the plant blood for breakfast every day. Seriously - much better than Cats. You'll wanna do it again and again.

I'm so proud of all of you for trying something new, giving the veg throttle a whirl and well, just being so fucking supportive it makes my little head spin. A special shout out to my parents, who aren't 20 anymore, or even 30 and have made such a dramatic change in their lives and their health over the past five years that their bloodwork would make a teenager blush. Gah... you inspire me all to shit. Love you tons and thank you for taking my troubled youth for a week while I galavant in the sun without them.

Until I return!


  1. All I can say is thank god I don't have a knitted tam. Let me tell ya, you definitely are allowed to be "Carissa at her effing worst". But now, you are going to enjoy PS and all the lovelies that go along with it.

    I'm going to pick up a copy of Crazy Sexy Diet; sounds very interesting. Just finished my green juice a minute ago.....still loving it and looking forward to it daily.

    In a couple hours, you'll be there, albeit with orange stains on your white shirt, but fuck it. You're there, you're having fun, its sunny and warm, have a ball!

    The little ones will be doing so with gramma and grampa, so there's no need to worry about a thing. Really!! xo

  2. Hey, I have been enjoying my juicer, complements of my better half who is so into it and has made me fresh juice all weekend. Now I have to figure this machine out by myself. Have a fabulous time in PS. We will miss you, but don't go near a computer. Promise? Say hi to Pete and you guys have a fabulous time.

  3. Carissa, you are such a gifted writer! Granted, you've got a personal story to tell, with first-hand knowledge but you have no idea how valuable it is for us to read and experience through you. You are an amazing woman and I know that your parents are so proud of you. With hugs and blessings from their neighbors.

  4. I miss my Carissa "fix" for the day, babe!