Monday, October 4, 2010

Girly girls

Been pondering beauty in general and a couple of babes have reminded me lately that my mind is everywhere at once about this stuff. And I'm kind of okay with that.

On Friday I opened a package from my babelicious friend Karen. She sent me the sweetest trove of cosmetic goodies from the beauty mecca that is Sephora, with the most thoughtful note attached. Beyond reminding me what a lovely person she is, inside & out, I got a most needed nudge of "good god, Carissa, you're still a girl and should play a little more with making up your mug." I adore products, I adore Sephora, I adore looking pretty. But with the eyebrows disappearing, the eyelashes not growing back when they fall out and the skin generally looking not up to scratch, I've begun to ignore myself a little, relying on the yoga pants equivalent of lazy makeup sessions in the morning.

No more, KD. I've been laying on the scrumptious gels, liquids and polishes since Friday and will no longer leave the house with a see-through face. Thank you, gorgeous girl.

Then there's my equally babelicious friend Susan. She has been raking in the donations on her path to this Friday, when my homegirl will shave her locks for the love of a friend and the loathing of cancer. Susan is a hairdresser, so getting all bald and stuff is like an architect burning down his showhome. And yet, I know the selfless, unbelievably thoughtful and rama lama ding dong friend that is Miss Susan, and she likely never thought of how this whole plan might affect her business. I'm tickled she's doing this, and I'm hoping to take a swipe on Friday, but man, this girl has months of awkward grow-back to deal with, without the handy excuse of cancer to explain away any beauty question marks.

On any given day I feel puffy, bald, pale, shrunken, or just plain beige. There are a billion things to say about the pressure to look great, even when you're blasting away the cancer cells, but I'm seriously stoked about getting a bald sister on Friday and plan to look dead cute when I go to the head shaving extravaganza.


  1. Well can you believe you have just made me speechless. You are what true beauty is all about.

  2. Because you have always been a trend setter and look good in anything you decide to wear, don't be surprised if other women with cancer start to show their little bald or fuzzy heads more often too! I can see it all now. Maybe Sephora will come out with a complete line of cosmetics for them! LOL