Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday of love

I have a bit of a rep for being cranky over grateful, so I figured, hey - what better time to turn that frown upside down than when I'm sailing the cancer ship around the world?

So I decided to turn Sunday nights into a "what I love" kinda moment. Starting today with my first top five list.

1. Bill Murray. Seriously. After a double bill weekend of Lost in Translation and Groundhog Day, this adorable and strange man is on my freebie five list to stay.

2. Naps. I learned from the best, y'all, and my Dad is tops at "resting his eyes." The Irish are notoriously great at napping and for actually feeling refreshed after (you Italians and English know what I mean when I say you go too deep).

3. Planning a trip. The build up is always better than the actual, and damn it's been fun gathering the hickory sticks, extra underwear and trashy books for our trip to Osoyoos on Tuesday.

4. Etsy. I'm a bit of a latecomer to this site, but when I dialed it up on the intertubes a few months back, I discovered a new time sucker and a great way to figure out what all the hippies in Victoria are up to.

5. Roast chicken. I like the basic lemon and garlic type and a high temp and no one does it better than my man. Even though I'm cutting way back on the animal flesh, eating this bird on a Sunday night makes me feel like everything has got to be okay.

Okay, darlings, I do feel better now, so maybe this grateful schtick has something to it.


  1. You must put the movie "What About Bob" starring Bill Murray on your all time favs and it will make you laugh out loud! bb

  2. Oh, it's on her all-time faves list alright!! We LOVE that flick!!