Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday of love: part deux

This week is hurtling me toward round three on Friday, just when I'm feeling good enough to drink a beer and enjoy chocolate again. Drats. Another Sunday love-in is in order.

1. My family. Yes there are some messed up Ital-Irish tendencies in there that only a double dose of the Pope could cure, but there is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than doing absolutely nothing with my kin.

2. A Year in Provence. I know, I'm late to this book, but damn it was good. And sometimes it takes a little of the C-dawg to get a chance to think about all the tomes on one's almost forgotten list.

3. Pete's sense of direction. If it were up to my personal compass skills, we'd still be driving around Osoyoos looking for the on-ramp home. And yet, strangely, Pete's autistic-like talents in this area went through some kind of kryptonite reversal whilst in Vegas and I somehow led us around in that bizarro town. Go figure.

4. BC Ferries beef barley soup. The kitchen that gives all mortal humans acute diarrhea somehow produces the best galldarnit beef barley soup concoction this side of the Mississippi.

5. Driving through the University to get home. Students bustling about with ratty backpacks, 1970s maze-like buildings, some of the best drinking years of my life, bunnies.

A lovely week of holiday-making behind me, no bacterial infection in sight, a fridge stocked with immune-boosters. I'm as ready as I'll ever be to swim through the next four days of freedom.

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