Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eating my way through cancer

I'm getting closer to figuring out what to eat. There is a shitload of info on diet, exercise, outlook, religion, yada, and I can only wade through a bit at a time before I get to mired in the "shit, I have cancer" moments (yes, they still come).

I found a fabulous book (well, fabulous so far) called "What to eat if you have cancer." It's by a couple of American nutritionists who are able to take most of what I've been dissecting so far (angiogenesis, acid vs. alkaline, veganism, supplements, etc., etc.) and put it together in a rational way with a healthy bunch of chapters on what your cells are doing when they fuck up and form tumours. It's actually a great read for anyone wanting to prevent, so here I'll go and prematurely recommend it.

When I get through to the end I'll post my thoughts on specific foods/vitamins and we can all go through this world a little more informed about the c-dawg.

My lover boy, Pete, is on a morning walk with the kids right now and I'm at the point today of wanting pancakes with blueberries. Am a bit obsessed with the sour punch of unripe fruit right now and have been devouring peaches, grapes and oranges like nobody's business. For a girl who ate but one piece a day pre-cancer, this is a breakthrough, y'all.

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