Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who set up the broad in the park?

So here's the thing about having cancer - you can't stop these movie-of-the-week moments that pop up at the oddest times.

About 30 minutes ago I left the house to go for a walk with Lucy. I decided to keep the wig and green headscarf I had donned for dropping Stella at her friend's birthday tea party earlier, even though my head was itchy and the addition of sunglasses made me look seriously over-accessorized. I managed to dodge a few neighbours, who I knew would either ask about the red hair or look at me funny, and made it over to a nearby park that looked devoid of any local mothers I might recognize.

As I walked Lucy down the sidewalk I saw a little girl, about four or five, skipping rope on the basketball court. I walked past her and she called out to me.

"Excuse me!"


"You look nice."

The biggest, stupidest grin I've had and kept on my face for ages. So whoever set up the girl, bravo to you. Bravo to you.

In other news, my onc was pleased that I wasn't noticing any changes in my breast since my last visit, so she prescribed me another new and uber-expensive anti-nausea drug ($100 for three pills!) and sent me on my way. Tomorrow I get a blood test that will show whether my white blood cell counts are high enough to go ahead with chemo round two on Friday. Bring it on.

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  1. Awwww! So nice!! and not a set up at all I'm sure - little kids are so honest and often do ya hear a little girl say "you're pretty"? They sees it and says it when they means it. :)

    And she was very right, I'm sure.