Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy birthday to baldie

Hair on my shoulders, hair on my pillow, hair in the sink. It's everywhere, dude, and it's not from some feline companion hanging around my neck. Every once in awhile I pull a long hair off my sweater and mourn for a nanosecond, or pick up a hairbrush and put it down again like an idiot, or dash to the door to answer it without scarf/hat only to get a momentarily stare and an overenthusiastic, "Hi!!" Strange times.

It's my birthday today - one I'll likely not forget, but hopefully more for how fab I looked in my Joan Holloway wig than because I was full of disease. I read a quote in a book recently about not being able to ever get chemo again if you have a recurrence. Your organs would rebel and likely punk out. Makes getting this shizz at 37 (now 38) all the more wonderful.

So as I work to get it out this time, I have to be diligent - psychotic at times, I suppose, to ensure it never comes back again. Another 60 or 70 years is how long I'd like to stretch this life out, and that's a wicked long time to be cancer-free in this world. Guess what I'll be wishing for when I blow out ye olde candles today?

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  1. Happy Birthday girl! Think about you every day and continue to be in complete and utter awe of your perspective on this whole thing. We are all taking little life lessons from this, through you.

    Coming from the girl who is 'all hair' when it comes down to really is only hair. And you are looking pretty hot and fierce without it!

    I do hope you are feelin' the love...

    PS - I am reading your blog while on a conference call! Thought you'd get a kick out of that.

    Karen Dosanjh