Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Triple O baby

Had a breakthrough c/o the Wet Spot this evening. I started the day wanting only peaches and bacon, and only distractedly so. My dear dad agreed to buy and fry up the pig while I took the 20 minute drive (the grocery store was still a no go for me) and he even picked up some fresh peaches for my enjoyment.

After a slightly runny egg and four pieces of salty goodness (I know, not on the "What you should eat if you have cancer" diet), I felt something creeping back. Could still only manage a random corn on the cob for lunch, but by the time dinner came around, the quiet revolution had begun.

Pete's shooting tonight - film, not people - so I had the kids. It's usually a Wet Spot night, and it's been ages, so I decided tonight should be no different. My parents volunteered to meet me and with my aunt and niece in tow, there was seven of us to witness my fully cleaned plate where used to lie a Monty, fries with blessed vinegar and coleslaw. Wonder of wonders, I even ordered a mini dessert.

Unbelievable full feeling, despite the lack of villi waving around my digestive tract by this point. The heartburn is sure to set in soon, but who the fuck cares, baby... I ate.


  1. I lurve that you took a picture of your dinner. Congrats baby on savoring (and finishing!) a lil' edible piece of Canadiana!

  2. The people in your cheering section were ... well, cheering!