Monday, July 5, 2010


I may have mentioned this already, but I'm fairly obsessed with macarons these days. A few months ago I read a story about the tasty almond-flavoured treats in some travel mag and immediately had visions of opening my own macaron shop in Cook Street Village. I've tasted them since (meringue confections of buttery goodness), but have yet to make. You see, they require almond flour and my Stella is allergic to peanuts, which often contaminates other nut products.

And then today - the best cancer-blasting note from a JKGourmet sales rep telling me their almond flour (sold in a local health food store in Victoria) is completely peanut-free. And so I will soon begin my summer of macaron making.

First task = eliminate all the nasty smells in my kitchen that are making me want to never eat again and do virtually nothing all day today. Hell, I didn't say I was completely over this chemo crap.


  1. Hey doll, I actually hit up a bunch of places this weekend asking around about said peanut-free almond flour but to no avail. So glad you've been able to find it! Let the macaroon making BEGIN!

    talk soon xo

  2. Sorry, how gauche of me....macaRON, not macaroon.

    So bourgeoise, I am.