Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pathologus Interruptus

I heard from my surgeon's office last night that my pathology isn't ready yet. This had me temporarily spiraling into a scenario where I imagined the pathologists (are they called that?) peering into their microscopes saying to each other, "damn, this girl is riddled with the c-dawg... how do we spin this into any kind of positive report so she doesn't off herself?"

Of course the conversation is more likely, "upper left and mid-right quadrants indicate overexpression of acute ductal carcinoma with positive surgical borders... blah, blah, blah", but whatevs. The result is still the same.

So I'll wait for the phone call that tells me my report card is in.

Had a surprisingly lovely day with Frances yesterday. She was a model child, despite being sick. She still woke up last night but I was having a shitty sleep anyhow, so by the time Stella called out just before 5 am to tell me she'd had a bad dream, I decided to get up and cozy on in by the fire and my computer. And oh what a girl can get done by the light of the gas flame when everyone else is asleep! Banking, blogging, haircut appointments (sadly, not yet for me), and whether Stella likes it or not, an afternoon art camp next week so I can have a few hours free every day for appointments and such.

If there's a bright spot in all this, it's that juicing is keeping Pete and I wicked healthy, despite living in a TB ward the past few months on little sleep. Pete has had a few sick days to coddle the beginnings of nasty colds, but each time, they disappear into thin air. I've had the occasional sore throat and runny nose, but no cough to speak of and nary anything lasting more than a couple of days. Viva la plant blood, baby.

The latest thing I'm mixing into the daily juice is Vitamineral Green, something I picked up in a PS health food store. I'm getting to be super powered, y'all.


  1. I'm spinning another reason for not getting the results yet - oh, yeah, Carissa's tests - it's here under all this other test results. The tissue seems so bloody normal we haven't had the time to spend on it when we have so many other sick specimens! Hah!

  2. Yes, they are indeed called pathologists, doll. :) Please give me the full run-down on what is said when you get it? Can we also talk soon? Miss you, love.


  3. Your report card will be straight A's......just like yourself. Even B's are fine. But no C's......C is gone from your life forever. xo