Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conjuring up some cravings

We're going on one solid month of this wretched cough and fever and it's getting me down today. The layers and layers of clothes, alternately shivering and sweating in bed, the endless coughing jags at night and all day. Enough already.

I finally broke down and saw my GP yesterday, which makes it the first time ever I've seen my GP for a cold. I'm officially Woody Allen. She did all the necessary checks and declared me sick with a cold, but not likely infected with anything. "Turn on your humidifier," she recommended in her no-nonsense way. She wrote me out a req for some bloodwork to see where my Neutrophils were at, but I don't have the energy or inclination to get it done today.

After weeping like a little girl into my green juice this morning and having Stella tell me on the way to school, "It's probably just your cancer AND a cold, Mommy," I decided to lay low today and try to conjure up some cravings on my quick trip to the grocery store. That's the annoying thing about working the usual culprits - caffeine, sugar and white flour - out of my system over the past few months. Cravings, even when you want to cuddle up to them, are buried a little deeper.

What I really, really want is a huge steaming bowl of Shao Lin noodle soup from Broadway in Vancouver with a plate of the gigantic bready dumplings they serve. The chances of me getting that or even traipsing down to Chinatown to seek out an alternative are nil. So I reached deep in the frozen food section and like any other red-blooded Canadian girl, tossed a bag of french fries and some perogies into my cart. Potatoes much? To top it off, I'm making macaroni and cheese tonight, so if you see a bald chick walking around with an acute case of carb face, you'll know I've emerged from the deep.

Now let me get back to my tent on the couch to read Vogue, watch Gossip Girl and generally do all the things that add zero value to my life. I need a break from the sick, y'all.


  1. Go ahead and have a good cry. You deserve it. You've been rock solid through all this and every now and then, it's okay to cry. (I felt like crying the other I did.) Stella's comment brought tears to my eyes....what a precious little one. You are in my prayers every morning and tomorrow I'll ask for you to get rid of this cold/cough. I mean enough is enough! I appreciate your honesty and your deepest feelings, you are one remarkable woman. I love ya girlfriend. xo

  2. When I was a little girl I used to fantasize about grapes when I was sick. My mom always managed to find grapes (even out of season)to make me feel better. As your Mom, I want to do the same thing for you ... can I order out to Vancouver's chinatown?

  3. Sometimes perogies and Chuck Bass are JUST what the doctor ordered...maybe even better than what the doctor would order...

    I love you girl. Thanks so much for the boost and surge of confidence you sent me today - even while feeling like shite you rally and give so much of yourself. You are too good and I am too lucky to have you in my life (and I know it).

    Talk soon. Thinking of you perpetually.


  4. Thanks for the kind words, ladies. Chuck Bass did make me feel better (albeit a little dirtier). Having Pete come home early from work to take care of me didn't hurt either. :-)